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No hosts possible.

Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:28 am by Klavier

To make a long story short...the server will not be up anymore.

#1- Fear cannot host due to college stuff >.>
#2- Hittman cannot host due to lack of knowledge with server (I'm not blaming you or being negative, Hitt.)
#3- Finally, I still, cannot host >.>, and even on my other computer I get errors.

If someone could host, I would be HAPPY, and you will become the new admin. …

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Fear's NOT hosting.

Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:19 pm by Klavier

Fear can't host, due to exams and he has a job to do so, Hittman's TRYING to do the hosting, although it might lag (the monster maps) a BIT...Sad
Anyways, we'll see. Anyways, you might want to play another private server, just in case this one doesn't work.

I miss the friendly community Sad Sad Sad it's gone!

Viralstory's Blog

Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:31 am by Klavier

This is Viralstory (the new 'name', but you get to keep everything)'s blog, and including my personal blog. Although it won't have TOO much MS topics, please, visit it and comment, view some of the pages, etc.

It was my old blog, so that's why it has so many hits O_O


Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:39 pm by Klavier

Bad News. Bad News. Bad News. Sad
Okay. I can't make the server work again because of some router lags, but then after it's fine but it still won't turn on! I can't get it to host O_O because it SAYS it's working, but it really isn't. It's not connected to anything :-\ so when I turn off internet, the server says it's working but it really isn't, so the DELAY has gone longer. Hopefully this is …

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Fear's the new host.

Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:28 am by Klavier

Fear will now be hosting, although he is quite...'not-so-happy' about it. He's doing the best he can, but seriously- he needs motivation!

Please post and encourage Fear to do the best he can to finish his hosting project.

P.S. Don't worry about your accounts. I'll be sure to do my best to make them work =D
P.S.S. All your inventory and accounts and characters will still be there :O so …

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Can't get it to work

Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:30 am by Klavier

Still can't get it to work. The BEST I can do is reformat the server computer tonight, but then it can only be on by tomorrow, the day after...or maybe a week.


I can dump the SQL file, and anybody who CAN host can host temporarily, but then he must know coding. If he's a good coder, he can be permanent coder until I get it to work.

Server Cooldown

Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:19 am by Klavier

The server needs a cooldown so I'm turning it off for the next 15 minutes.

So like, go on Youtube and find a Rick Roll or two so you can have fun. Bye peeps!

Update: Reallll bad news. I can open the server w/out errors, but nobody can connect to it. And Ragezone is down so I can't redownload server I guess until Ragezone is up the server, and site will not work

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Back Online

Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:24 am by Klavier

Server's online and PRETTY AWESOME.

999 accounts...who's lucky number 1,000?

Anyways, Have fun! Be sure to check back everyday.
P.S. [GM]Klavier (that's me), if he's online, you can play Russian Roulette with him (40 mill for a game)

Got grounded...

Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:32 am by Klavier

I got grounded so the server cannot be up Sad

It should be up by tomorrow, or the day after tops.

Please excuse this 'interruption'...

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    Krysis's Hilarious Attempt to an Application.


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    Krysis's Hilarious Attempt to an Application. Empty Krysis's Hilarious Attempt to an Application.

    Post by Krysis on Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:11 am

    Real Name : Kenny H

    In Game Name : Krysis

    Age : 14, 15 in may

    Fluent in: English, and A huge amount of French

    How long have you played MS? : About.... 2 Days now >=D

    Experience : None what so ever hoping to learn here but I have created 8 ragnarok servers each with an average of 100 players each but now 'm sad since all the server files went poof because of a stupid blue screen of death :O :O :O............. I've been GM other games on the 3rd day I play them I adapt VERY quickly. Some games I've GMed at : WoW, RO, Rose Online, and sadly... habbo.

    Hobbies : Basketball, Badminton, Ping Pong... you know the Asian necessities. I am currently adapting to MS putting away all other games I have on this PC unless the server is down. And I'm learning how to Mix Songs, Mash songs and DJ properly... SAM BROADCASTER FTW!

    What will you do if you were GM? : Well... PARTY!!!! Jk Jk Help others by giving them tips and stuff that other people have given to me while I was playing the server, Learn more about the game is my number one plan, and create events no has ever done yet... Thinking Outside the Mushroom House... What I'm trying to imply is that I am going to be CREATIVE <----- Lets underline it.

    And Just for the fun of it.

    If you had $10,000 and you had a choice of 2 Monkeys as pets, 50 Rabbits or donate to this server what would you do? : Well I will Invest that money, make more, give 3/4s to the server and the last quarter of the money would go to my pets, Slurpees and Finally......... C A N D Y!<3

    So that was my application.

    No pets were bought in the making of this application and the $10k is pure, imaginary, money. Kenny is not responsible for wasting your time while you continue to read this tiny print and is right now laughing at all the people who are still reading after the word time. Kenny Cannot be sued for this.

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